Recently, STMicroelectronics released a new development software suite for its STM32 microcontroller to help customers design safer applications in a faster and more cost-effective way.

Industrial control, robotics, sensors, medical or transport equipment must achieve a Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Level 2 or Level 3 certificate of the industry-recognized safety standard IEC 61508. For application development engineers in these areas, STMicroelectronics has released a STM32 SIL functional safety design kit that simplifies system development and certification.

Daniel Colonna, director of product marketing for STMicroelectronics microcontrollers, said: "To help customers quickly and efficiently bring new safety-certified products to market, we are developing this high value-added STMicroelectronics original multi-functional software suite. , Including certified free software, which is the industry's first. In addition, by providing SIL functional safety design package in the STM32 microcontroller portfolio, STMicroelectronics will provide customers with greater design flexibility to help them optimize materials cost."

The components of the SIL functional safety design package include technical documentation and the X-CUBE-STL software self-test library certified to IEC 61508 SIL3. The SIL functional safety design kit is the first to be equipped in the STM32F0 series, after STMicroelectronics will launch SIL functional safety design packages that support the STM32 full range of products from 2018 to 2019. Currently, the STM32 product family has over 800 products, providing developers with unique flexibility in terms of price optimization, performance and functional integration.

Currently, the functional safety design kit is available for free download from Users must sign a confidentiality agreement (NDA) with STMicroelectronics. Design kit packages for other STM32 product lines will be available in 2018 and 2019.