Renesas Electronics currently announced five new products including the R7F0C205L, R7F0C206L, R7F0C206M, R7F0C207M and R7F0C208M, expanding its 16-bit microcontroller product line, and further enhancing touch home appliances, smart buildings, industrial automation and portable devices application development support. The MCU's built-in high-current drive port can directly drive the LED. It is suitable for most LED displays and touch buttons to control LED display applications. The MCU also supports most of the common interfaces.

The main features of these new capacitive touch MCU:

  • Detects up to 64 keys, low capacitive touch button standby current, high current port directly drives LED
  • Workbench, software, and application notes available to further reduce development time
  • Capacitive touch R7F0C208M evaluation kit certified to IEC61000