According to reports, memory chip manufacturer Macronix International Co., Ltd's (MXIC) 150mm fab sale is expected to be confirmed this season, and Foxconn has the intention to acquire the fab.

MXIC decided to stop operating the 150mm wafer fab in Hsinchu, due to poor revenue and profit performance. However, driven by the epidemic, demand in the foundry market has been booming in the past year, and the shutdown time has been postponed to March this year.

The report pointed out that if the fab is successfully sold to Foxconn, the automotive NOR Flash field of MXIC's layout in recent years will be able to deepen through Foxconn's MIH alliance platform.

According to the report, it has been more than 10 years since MXIC announced its entry into the automotive electronics market in 2009. Today, in MXIC’s NOR Flash revenue, automotive products account for 14%. MXIC has become the world's second largest supplier of automotive semiconductors, second only to Infineon.

In addition, Foxconn is currently actively expanding its products for automobiles and electric vehicles, and the group's semiconductor technology has also been invested in related fields, such as CMOS image sensor (CIS), IGBT and other special semiconductor processes.

If the acquisition is successful, both parties will be able to expand more global business opportunities. However, neither Foxconn nor MXIC would comment on the news.