According to reports, Samsung Electronics and UMC recently signed a cooperation agreement to expand the production of image sensors.

The report pointed out that Samsung decided to transfer the production of mobile phone Image Signal Processor (ISP) and related panel driver chips to UMC, and launched a new cooperation model. Under this new cooperation model, Samsung will invest in the purchase of equipment, while UMC will provide factories and OEM operations.

According to UMC's supply chain, Samsung has planned to invest in the expansion of UMC's fab P6 in order to expand its image sensor market share.

The source revealed that Samsung will purchase 400 sets of equipment including etching, thin film, yellow light, and diffusion for the fab. UMC plans to start construction this season and mass production in 2023. The target monthly production capacity is planned to reach 27,000 pieces.

According to an earlier report, UMC stated that its fab P6 will have a new operating model. As for the cooperation partner and investment details, it is still under negotiation.