Infineon Technologies announced that its fabs in Austin, Texas has resumed production after being damaged by the winter storms in February.

“We are pleased that the fab in Austin is up and running after the required shutdown. Based on our latest assessments, the impact will limit our ability to fully supply our customers’ needs. We continue to provide updates to affected customers. For most product categories from Austin, we expect to reach pre-shutdown output levels in June 2021. Due to the tight market conditions and resulting fully loaded facility, the recovery of lost production volume will not be possible. Our focus remains on delivering products of the highest quality and reliability,” said Jochen Hanebeck, COO of Infineon.

The Austin fab manufactures and tests products used in a wide variety of applications. The major impact on Infineon’s revenue related to the shutdown is expected in the third quarter of its 2021 fiscal year. Given the general business situation and the strong global demand for microelectronics, Infineon said it anticipates no negative impact on overall revenue expectation for the full fiscal year.

The shutdown was expected to have a significant impact on Infineon’s revenue. However, in view of the strong global demand and semiconductor shortage, Infineon said that it does not expect to have a negative impact on the overall revenue forecast for the entire fiscal year.

Infineon said that it will provide an update to the situation in Austin on May 4, 2021.