According to Taiwan media reports, Yageo’s third plant in Kaohsiung is expected to hold a groundbreaking ceremony on the 14th November.

According to the report, Yageo’s Kaohsiung plant is planned as a production base for high-end products. Industry insiders estimate that the plant may be used as an expansion of Yageo's MLCC production capacity, or it may include the production of high-end products such as KEMET and Pulse Electronics.

According to public information, Yageo's current monthly production capacity of MLCC is about 50 billion to 55 billion. It is estimated that the monthly production capacity will be expanded to 57 billion by the end of this year. In addition, the monthly production capacity of chip resistor products is 120 billion.

Yageo pointed out that its MLCC capacity utilization rate has increased to 80% and chip resistance has increased to 70%.