Today, IC packaging and testing service provider Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc. (ASE) held a groundbreaking ceremony for its K13 plant in Kaohsiung. It is expected that the factory will create 2,800 jobs in the future and further create a complete and advanced semiconductor industry cluster.

The report pointed out that the ASE K13 plant has 2 floors underground and 12 floors above ground, with a total area of more than 32,000 square meters. The plant construction is expected to invest 8 billion N.T. dollars. After completion, another 18 billion N.T. dollars will be invested to expand advanced packaging production capacity. The construction of the plant is expected to be completed in 2023, with an estimated annual output value of 500 million U.S. dollars at full load.

ASE stated that the K13 plant will take high-end packaging technology as the core, develop a complete solution for 5G+AIoT smart factories, and achieve a zero-defect, high-efficiency semiconductor packaging and testing 5G smart manufacturing building with high-speed network.