Richardson RFPD, an Arrow Electronics company, today announced that it has entered into a global franchise agreement with AVX Corporation.

The global agreement between Richardson RFPD and AVX covers the products managed by the AVX RF Solutions division, as well as AVX’s power film capacitors and SuperCapacitors.

The primary product lines covered by the new agreement include antennas, capacitors, couplers, crossovers, filters and inductors.

“We are excited about the technology and solutions that AVX represents,” said Rafael R. Salmi, Ph.D., Richardson RFPD’s president. “These products are an excellent fit for our customers, and we look forward to building on our long-time success working with American Technical Ceramics.”

“We believe that our history of developing highly engineered products is a good match for Richardson RFPD’s longtime dedication to building teams of specialized engineers,” said Alex Schenkel, senior vice president, global sales. “We look forward to mutual successes extending across the automotive, consumer, telecommunications, military, and aerospace market segments.”