According to reports, Samsung Electronics has begun to implement its Super Gap strategy for the global NAND flash memory industry, setting up a special working group to improve the competitiveness of its sixth-generation 128-layer 3D NAND technology.

The report stated that the members of this special working group include the Samsung Device Solutions (SDS) Manufacturing Technology Center and the executives and employees of the department responsible for NAND flash memory production. The industry believes that the reason why Samsung Electronics organized these key personnel to participate in the production of NAND flash memory is to maximize the production of its sixth-generation NAND flash memory.

Although Samsung Electronics has dominated the global NAND flash memory market and has more than 30% market share. However, competitors such as YMTC and Intel have recently introduced 100+ layers NAND flash memory. Therefore, Samsung plans to use Super Gap strategy to widen its gap with competitors.

In addition, it is reported that Samsung is expected to complete the development and production of 160-layers memory chip in the near future.