As the electronics manufacturing industry picks up, the global leader in copper clad laminates (CCL), Kingboard, recently announced a price adjustment for its copper clad laminates.

Kingboard said in a statement that in view of the continuous rise in prices of copper, resin and acetone, the main raw materials for copper clad laminates, the cost of copper clad laminates has increased. Therefore, the sales prices of all materials will be raised from July 1st :
1. The price of each piece of FR-4 (40*48) will increase by 10 yuan ($1.4132).
2. The price of each piece of CEM-1/22F (40*48) will increase by 5 yuan ($0.7066).
3. The price of each piece of VO/HB (1030*1230) will increase by 5 yuan ($0.7066).
4. The price of PP (150 meters) per roll will increase by 100 yuan ($14.132).

kingboard is the world's largest CCL manufacturer with a market share of 14%-16%. In addition, CCL accounts for 30% of the PCB cost structure and is the highest cost raw material. Industry sources said that after Kingboard adjusted its price, it is expected that PCB manufacturers will start to increase prices for customers in July.