Littelfuse Corporation, a global leader in circuit protection, recently introduced two AE-Q101 unidirectional TVS diode arrays, it specifically designed to protect I/O and power ports from electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage. The SP1053 and SP1054 series TVS Diode Arrays (SPA® diodes) integrate multiple avalanche breakdown diodes assembled with proprietary silicon avalanche technology to protect each pin. This type of device is a unidirectional fully-encapsulated transient suppression diode in a compact 01005 plastic package; these two features are the first in the transient suppression diode array market. This reliable diode safely absorbs repetitive ESD strikes at ±8kV (SP1053) or ±30kV (SP1054) without performance degradation. In addition, each diode can safely withstand 1.0A (SP1053) and 2.5A (SP1054) surges with very low clamping voltages

.Littlefuse introduced the smallest diode array-SemiMedia

Typical applications for the SP1053 and SP1054 series include smart phones, camcorders, portable medical devices, digital cameras, wearable technology, portable navigation devices, tablet computers, point-of-sale terminals, and identification modules.