Recently, STMicroelectronics and Comtech, a top 10 electronic component distributor in China, have established a partnership and signed a strategic agreement. Since April 2018, Comtech has officially become the authorized distributor of STMicroelectronics in China for full line of STMicroelectronics’ products. Comtech will provide STMicroelectronics products sales, program consulting, and after-sale services in China.

Prior to this, the senior officials of the two sides had several friendly interactions. In March 2018, STMicroelectronics senior officials were invited to visit Comtech’s Hard-Egg Experience Hall to enhance mutual understanding and laid a good foundation for further development.

The chief executive officer of Comtech said that, while providing sales services for customers, Comtech should make full use of the 20 years of experience and rely on professional technical teams to continuously expand both sides in artificial intelligence and intelligence. The application of emerging industries such as driving and smart factories will occupy the commanding height of the industry. STMicroelectronics' expert team conducted a series of excellent technical lectures, elaborated on its product performance and advantages, and conducted special presentations in PowerPC, Audio, Radar in ADAS and other directions. Comtech Group is very optimistic about the development of smart cities and smart driving. Comtech has carried out a systematic layout and planning for the automotive sector. ST's products have huge customer potential in the automotive field. Its leading technology and related products are driving vehicles. The underlying technology of networking and autopilot, the Comtech sales team is striving to deploy it more to customers' engineering applications.