Yesterday, Business Korea reported that Samsung has started mass production of chips using the 6nm EUV process last month. An official from a Samsung partner company said that 6nm products have been delivered to large corporate customers in North America. Industry insiders believe that this company is Qualcomm.

Supply chain sources point out that Samsung's 6nm EUV performance is lower than TSMC's 7nm EUV. Last year, Qualcomm placed orders with TSMC, and now with Samsung, it should be that Samsung's price reduction strategy has worked.

In 2019, TSMC occupies an advantage in terms of the number of 7nm customers, while Samsung is developing advanced processes to continuously expand its production capacity. At present, Samsung's 7nm monthly production capacity is 150,000, which is higher than TSMC's 110,000. In addition, in the future 3nm node, Samsung is also a leader in GAA technology. In the foundry industry, competition between TSMC and Samsung remains fierce.