On December 24, Chinese integrated circuit packaging and test service provider and discrete device manufacturer JCET Group announced that it will acquire ADI's semiconductor test plant in Singapore and will transfer ownership in May 2021. The acquisition is based on JCET Group and ADI's Strategic cooperation.

In response to this acquisition, JCET CEO Zheng Li said that ADI has always been a long-term customer that JCET attaches great importance to. This opportunity will not only expand JCET's testing site in Singapore, but more importantly, the signing of the strategic business agreement with ADI will create more cooperation opportunities for both parties. The new project investment in the Singapore plant also shows that JCET, as a multinational chip manufacturing company, will continue to steadily strengthen its global presence and provide first-class integrated circuit products and advanced technical services to international and local customers.

JCET has six factories in China, Singapore and South Korea. Its Singapore factory was established in 1994 and is one of the earliest IC packaging and test service providers in Singapore. Currently, JCET's revenue ranks third in the global integrated circuit packaging and testing industry.