According to BusinessKorea, Samsung plans to reduce the price of its foundry services in order to increase market share.

It is reported that TSMC's market share has continued to increase steadily. According to data from market research firm Trendforce, in the fourth quarter of this year, TSMC is expected to occupy 52.7% of the manufacturing market, while Samsung's market share is much lower than TSMC's, which is expected to be 17.8%. .

Although Samsung did not disclose the results of price negotiations with customers, industry sources said that Samsung is likely to reduce prices in order to win new customers at a competitive price.

Another source pointed out that Samsung has recently won orders from China's fabless company and IT company Baidu, which will help Samsung narrow the gap between it and TSMC.

According to recent forecasts and reports, the global semiconductor market will soon recover, and global manufacturing companies are expected to compete more fiercely.