According to Taiwan media reports, with the rapid increase in global demand for chips, the supply of 8-inch chip foundry is in short supply, which has caused a shortage of image sensor chips.

Recently, all image sensor products are in short supply. Sony, OmniVision, On Semiconductor, and other image sensor component suppliers have increased their orders, which has caused tightness in packaging and testing and module assembly capacity.

Benefiting from the growing demand for CIS from smartphones, global CIS sales will reach US $ 15.5 billion this year, with global shipments estimated at 6.1 billion. In addition, after entering the 5G era, CIS will rapidly expand from mobile phones to automobiles, transportation, smart homes, smart factories, medical and education and entertainment.

The industry believes that CIS will be one of the fastest growing electronic components in the next few years. Vincent Tong, executive vice president of Xilinx, attended the TSMC Supply Chain Management Forum a few days ago and mentioned that the future world will be covered with CIS everywhere, as an interface for data extraction, and is the basis for building an intelligent world.