According to the passive component supply chain, Japan's passive component manufacturers are turning to the 0201-size MLCC and gradually withdrawing from the 0402 and 0603-size MLCC markets, which will bring new market opportunities to Taiwan manufacturers. However, industry analysts believe that in the long run, the small size and low price of the 0201 MLCC will be the future trend, which is also a new challenge for Taiwan manufacturers.

Nowadays, electronic products tend to be high-frequency and high-speed, and the design of circuit boards is becoming more and more complicated while being miniaturized. Therefore, 0201 MLCC will become the future trend. According to statistics, about 30% of laptops and mobile phones have begun to use the 0201-size MLCC.

On the manufacturer side, Japanese producers are actively promoting the 0201 size MLCC. In the global MLCC market, Japanese manufacturers maintain a leading edge, Korean manufacturers are closely following, while Taiwanese manufacturers are still focusing on conventional types such as 0402 and 0603 size.

Due to the high technical difficulty of small size and the fact that the production scale has not increased significantly, the cost advantage of 0201 has not been as expected. In addition, there are very few manufacturers that can supply 0201 size MLCC at present, and if there is a supply problem, it will directly affect shipment. Therefore, designers still using the 0402 size MLCC when designing the PCBA, instead of replacing all with 0201.

However, in the long run, with the maturity of the production technology of the 0201 MLCC, Japanese and Korean producers will expand their production scale, and the price of 0201 will inevitably go down. At that time, Taiwan MLCC producers will face enormous challenges.