The advent of the 5G era will play a role in promoting the entire electronic components market. Recently, MLCC producers Yageo and Walsin expressed optimism about the impact of 5G applications on the MLCC market. According to Yageo's estimates, the MLCC usage of 5G mobile phones will grow 10-20% compared with 4G, and Walsin also estimates that usage will increase by at least 20%.

According to industry insiders, the 5G systems will increase the amount of MLCC due to its high frequency and short wave characteristics, which is why manufacturers continue to expand production capacity.

In 5G applications, 5G mobile phones are one of the kinetic energy expected by passive component manufacturers. According to the market industry research report, it is estimated that the amount of MLCC will be 10% higher than that of 4G mobile phones on sub-6GHz 5G mobile phones, and the amount in millimeter wave 5G mobile phones will increase by 20-30%. In general, the number of MLCCs used in 4G iPhones has exceeded 1,200 pieces, while those on 5G phones will use more than 1,500 pieces.

As South Korea and China continue to popularize 5G in the fourth quarter, 5G mobile phones will gradually enter the market. It is expected that the price of MLCC in the fourth quarter will have a chance to rebound.