Last month, a semiconductor research institute released a list of Huawei Mate 30's suppliers, covering cameras, display panels, batteries, fingerprint identification components, integrated circuits, transistors and other components. According to the list, the proportion of Chinese electronic component suppliers has increased significantly. Recently, Huawei's consumer business group CEO Richard Yu confirmed this in an interview. He said that Huawei began to buy components from manufacturers in mainland China to build domestic supply chains.

Richard Yu said that Huawei had about 60-70 billion US dollars of components purchased from the United States each year, but the proportion of components produced in China has indeed increased, which is indirectly caused by the US ban.

In fact, Huawei began to intentionally build domestic supply chains many years ago, but it has not been fully utilized. After the US imposed a ban on Huawei, its original supply chain showed great instability, which forced Huawei to transfer its supply chain to China.