Recently, NXP announced the introduction of ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, which was previously used for various short-range communications, and NXP will use UWB to enhance secure access through localization, targeting key cards and car networking.

NXP utilizes a 500MHz channel in the 6 GHz to 10 GHz range to protect it from narrowband channel fading. UWB utilizes pulse transmission at specific time intervals, so the system can use the transmitted information to determine flight time and direction information, with the result that the system can determine the exact location of the transmission by determining the distance and angle of arrival. It also prevents interception and retransmission of information in so-called Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks due to transmission timing to specific intervals. NXP is leveraging these aspects of UWB to provide security systems for automotive and IoT applications.

The industry believes that NXP's technology is based on its expanding wireless technology development capabilities. NXP's acquisition of Marvell's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology has undoubtedly enhanced its wireless technology solutions.

Currently, NXP has not revealed further features of the technology or application. But no doubt, NXP is steadily consolidating its position as a leader in IoT field.