On April 1, Diodes Incorporated announced the formal completion of the acquisition of Texas Instruments' wafer fabrication plant and operations division (GFAB) in Greenock, Scotland.

According to a report by SemiMedia on February 5, after the acquisition, Diodes will integrate the Greenock plant and fab operations, including the transfer of all GFAB employees to Diodes.

In addition, Diodes provides permanent employment opportunities to 18 contractors who support GFAB operations. It is understood that the GFAB plant capacity is as high as 21,666 to 256,000 8-inch equivalent wafers per month. As part of the multi-year wafer supply agreement, Diodes will continue to manufacture TI's analog products at GFAB.

Keeh-Shew Lu, President and CEO of Diodes, said that he was pleased to be able to successfully complete the transaction, which is in line with Diodes' strategic growth plan, especially in the automotive and industrial markets. In addition, GFAB provides Diodes with additional engineering capabilities and wafer fabrication capacity to drive the company's revenue and profit growth.