Recently, some media reported that Apple intends to purchase 5G baseband chips from Samsung Semiconductor, but Samsung said that its capacity is insufficient and rejected Apple's demand.

Apple's latest product uses Intel's baseband chip, but according to users, the signal of the Apple mobile phone equipped with the Intel baseband chip is not very good. In order to reverse the current passive situation, Apple has stated that it wants to develop 5G baseband chips.

Because Samsung is not willing to supply baseband chips to Apple, now Apple has only two options, the first is to continue to use Intel's 5G baseband, and the second is to develop their own baseband chips. It is understood that Intel's 5G modem chip samples are expected to be shipped this year, while consumer-grade 5G chips will not be available until 2020. If Apple wants to develop baseband chips, it will cost a lot of research and development. In addition, because communication patents are in the hands of a few companies such as Qualcomm and Huawei, it is not easy for Apple to develop baseband chips.