On March 20th, STMicroelectronics held a media conference in Shanghai, China. Andrea ONETTI, vice president of analog, MEMS and sensors division of STMicroelectronics and general manager of MEMS sensor products, said that for the entire electronics industry, MEMS Sensors will have more innovations, and ST has been in the industry for 15 years. Currently, there are 1 ST MEMS sensor in every 2 mobile phones, and 1 ST MEMS sensor in every 3 car navigation systems. At the same time, ST is also a leading manufacturer of pressure sensors for all weather and harsh environments.

Andrea ONETTI believes that in the future, in the personal electronics market, sensors will have three major trends: artificial intelligence (AI), vibration and sound fusion, and vibration sensing.

In terms of AI, sensors will become more and more intelligent, and it will have the functions of data processing and judgment. The new generation of sensors developed by ST has the characteristics of reduced power consumption and improved energy efficiency, which can improve the overall energy efficiency of the system and release the developer's design potential.

In terms of vibration and sound integration, the largest application market is wireless headphones. According to Andrea ONETTI, the annual shipment of accelerometers has stabilized at around 1.5 billion, but with the release of wireless headsets last year, accelerometers have increased demand by 3-4 billion, and this year will increase even more.

In terms of vibration sensing, the biggest potential market is impact detection, which protects lithium batteries. Specifically, the sensor can be used to detect the impact of the object, not only to detect the object itself, but also to calculate the energy of the impact and the state of the impact, thereby helping the system to detect the state of the battery in the background.