Today, SiC power semiconductor manufacturer UnitedSiC announced a strategic investment and long-term supply agreement with Analog Devices, the specific terms have not been announced.

In the past two years, UnitedSiC and ADI have been working together to develop SiC-based products and equipment. As wideband-gap power devices become more mainstream technologies, especially the development of SiC technology, making them more cost-effective, the introduction of these devices will further enhance ADI's analog power portfolio.

Chris Dries, President and CEO of UnitedSiC, said: "Since our first meeting with the ADI power team, they immediately realized the value of our SiC technology and the ease with which SiC devices can be expanded and used in their power platforms. It's a great time to make high-quality leaders like ADI a shareholder in our company."

Steve Pietkiewicz, senior vice president of power products at ADI, said: "In the past few years, we have been actively focusing on the development of silicon carbide technology and devices. We have found that UnitedSiC's FET technology is well suited for ADI's high performance power platforms and our target applications in other high voltage markets."