Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. introduced the MAX77860, a switch-mode charger that helps designers easily add USB Type-C (USB-C) charging capabilities to portable Li-Ion battery-powered devices.

The MAX77860 is the industry's first USB-C buck charger with integrated USB-C port control and charging, eliminating the need for a separate host controller, simplifying the software development process and reducing overall bill of materials (BOM) costs for financial payment terminals, mobile power, industrial computers, scanners, wireless communication devices, multimedia devices, charging docks, portable speakers and game consoles.

To reduce design size and simplify system hardware and software design, the MAX77860 integrates USB-C configuration channel (CC) port detection and a 15W battery charger. These features allow the battery to be charged at the highest rate of the USB-C specification, reducing design size by 30% while simplifying the software development process. The CC pin detection feature eliminates the need for end-to-end USB connections and enables self-starting charging.

Key advantages of the MAX77860

  • High integration: Eliminates independent port controllers and many discrete components; switching frequency up to 2MHz/4MHz further reduces inductor and capacitor size, reducing solution size by 30% compared to the nearest competing device;The high integration feature effectively reduces overall BOM cost.
  • High efficiency: The high efficiency buck converter effectively reduces system heat dissipation, with an efficiency of over 93% and a charging current of up to 3A.
  • Design Flexibility:Backward compatibility allows designs to work with both USB-C and legacy BC1.2 or proprietary adapters. Integrated analog-to-digital converter (ADC) frees up resources in the microcontroller, while providing accurate voltage and current measurements.

The price of the MAX77860 is $3.03 (based on 1000 tablets). For purchases, please contact Maxim Integrated's distributors. For more information on this product, please visit Maxim Integrated's website: