January 15th, IC Insights released the latest semiconductor industry report. According to the report, the world's top 10 semiconductor companies accounted for 60% of the global semiconductor market share in 2018, up 15% from 45% in 2008; the top 5 semiconductor suppliers in the world accounted for 47% of the 2018 semiconductor total sales, an increase of 14% over 10 years ago. In the past decade, the global semiconductor giants' market share has increased significantly.

Overall, the top 50 semiconductor suppliers in 2018 accounted for 89% of the global semiconductor market total of $514.1 billion last year, an increase of 7% from 82% in 2008.

The market share of semiconductor top suppliers has increased year by year-SemiMedia

Compared with 2008, the top 5, top 10 and top 25 companies in the global semiconductor market in 2018 increased their share by 14%, 15% and 11% respectively. IC Insights believes that a series of mergers and acquisitions are expected in the next few years, and these integrations will increase the market share of top semiconductor suppliers to a higher level.