According to the supply chain, after nearly two years of price increases, MLCC prices have experienced a serious collapse in recent months.

According to industry analysts, there are three main reasons for the decline in MLCC prices: First, some MLCC manufacturers have expanded their production capacity; second, since September 2018, the mobile phone market has declined significantly, and MLCC orders for mobile phones have decreased. Third, the automotive market is the worst period in recent years.

In addition, the spot market factor is also the reason for the price decline. At the same time as the market demand slows down, the stock vendors with large inventory volume start to undersell the MLCC due to concerns about the market outlook, which has boosted the market panic and thus caused the price to fall faster. At the same time, when the MLCC was in short supply, the end customers increased the inventory by several times in order to avoid production delays, and it took a long time to consume these stocks.

On the whole, the current price of MLCC products is still at a high level. Although the recent decline, the overall price is still higher than two years ago. According to the information provided by the supply chain, the current MLCC price decline is much slower, and some part numbers even rebound. In general, the current MLCC price is in an unstable period.