Allegro MicroSystems announces the AMT49105, a new N-channel power MOSFET driver that complies with the ISO-26262 standard. The new product simplifies motor system design and reduces PCB area by integrating the required power simulation system.

Benefiting from its powerful output drive capability, the AMT49105 is suitable for a wide range of applications, including applications with power greater than 1 kW. In addition, the AMT49105 integrates a LIN transceiver, an MCU regulated power supply, a phase monitor for non-inductive brushless DC motor (BLDC) control, and other unique features to reduce the total power consumption of today's energy-efficient vehicles.

The AMT49105 is ideal for automotive power and industrial applications such as engine cooling fans, brakes and various pump applications with high power supply voltages from 5.5V to 50V and inductive loads. Its advanced diagnostics monitor and indicate system faults, internal faults, and output power level faults to ensure safe system operation. AMT49105 is ISO-26262 compliant and meets ASIL-B requirements.

The AMT49105 is available in a small 48-pin QFN package with an exposed thermal pad that reduces package size by approximately 40% compared to the equivalent QFP.

"We're excited to add this ASIL-certified device to our portfolio of over 30 other devices compliant with ISO 26262," said Vijay Mangtani, Vice President of Allegro's Power IC Business Unit. "We're committed to moving technology—and the world—toward a safer future."