Today, the CES 2019 opened in Las Vegas, USA. Generalplus exhibited a number of Edge AI intelligent multimedia integration solutions at this exhibition. Among them, the AI smart face and shoot aircraft has been adopted by customers in mainland China, mass production is expected to be available in the first quarter.

In the trend of the Internet of Things and AI, combined with the rise of AI voice and image recognition related applications, Generalplus has introduced related solutions into smart toys, robots and drones, and further expanded into smart home appliances and other fields.

According to Generalplus, edge computing is characterized by real-time, portability, and lightweight, and provides customers with AI intelligent development solutions that are more cost-effective, efficient, and convenient than cloud computing.

Generalplus said that the highlights of the show include AI smart face-locked self-timer aircraft program, AI smart gesture control solution, AI smart voice recognition technology, and a variety of smart toy multimedia integration products with AI smart pets and AI self-propelled cars.