Mouser Electronics has signed a global distribution agreement with Terabee, a small high-performance distance sensor design company for drones, robotics and IoT applications.

Through this agreement, Mouser now offers a variety of Terabee products, including:
· TeraRanger Evo distance sensor, a plug-and-play sensor ideal for drone altimeters, robotic distance sensing, proximity sensing and presence detection, and traffic monitoring sensing.
· TeraRanger Hub Evo, a compact, lightweight board that allows engineers to easily create custom sensor arrays by connecting up to eight TeraRanger Evo distance sensors via USB or UART interface and transmitting distance data in millimeters.
· TeraRanger Tower Evo, a solid-state lidar system that monitors four or eight detection zones simultaneously at high speeds.
· TeraRanger One, a lightweight, high performance distance measurement sensor based on infrared time of flight (ToF) technology. The sensor provides ultra-fast distance readings up to 1000 times per second with an accuracy of ±4 cm and a maximum range of 14 m.
· TeraRanger Multiflex, a modular solution with up to 2 meters for indoor applications such as robotics and inventory level tracking. The solution includes eight plug-and-play sensor modules on a flexible bus, making it easy to create custom configurations and place sensors where they are needed.

The Internet of Things is accelerating. In recent years, electronic component distributors have continually expanded the categories of sensors they distribute. More and more products will be equipped with sensors, it is foreseeable that in the near future, Sensors will account for a growing share of total global electronic components sales.