Recently, STMicroelectronics announced the launch of two new automotive shutter image sensors VG5661 and VG5761 for drive monitoring.

These advanced image sensors enhance the monitoring of vehicle occupants by capturing scenes illuminated from the camera, eliminating unpredictable external influences such as sunlight or street lighting. Its superior image quality makes the driver's monitoring system more responsive, especially in near-infrared illumination close to 940 nm, and enables new functions such as assessing driver attention, passenger comfort or child behavior. The new sensor embeds ST's automotive global shutter technology, which greatly reduces lighting power consumption even in high dynamic range mode.

Enhancing driver monitoring with ST's image sensor reduces damage and saves lives. Sensing accuracy also helps autopilot systems assess the adaptability of human drivers to take over on the go, simplifying the transition between manual and autopilot modes for improved comfort and safety. The 2025 roadmap for the European car safety rating system Euro NCAP proposes the main safety function of driver monitoring as the highest priority. This is also a prerequisite for autonomous driving.

“Using ST's innovative automotive global shutter technology, our image sensors are designed to improve the performance of advanced automotive and industrial machine vision applications, and our successful collaboration with Jungo demonstrates how these sensors can improve road safety and extend the performance of automated driving systems. ” Aymeric Fuchet, director of business for differential imaging solutions at STMicroelectronics, said.

Samples of these sensors are currently being offered and ST is working with major customers to introduce new driver assistance systems for the next generation of vehicles. For more information on this product, please refer to the STMicroelectronics website: