Recently, display products manufacturers such as Japan Display (Japan Display), British chip makers IQE and Lumentum Holdings and other Apple product supply chains have been affected by changes in Apple's product orders. According to earlier media reports, Apple lowered the purchase of Dialog products, industry analysts said that this will have a serious impact on Dialog's business. In response to these problems, Dialog Semiconductor said on Wednesday that it did not see Apple's order demand affect the company's business.

Headquartered in Europe, Dialog Semiconductor is a supplier of Apple Power Management Chips (PMIC) and its largest customer is Apple. In addition to the latest iPhones using facial recognition technology, there are many Apple products that use Dialog's power management chip.

Dialog Semiconductor CEO Dr. Jalal Bagherli said: "Our products are not specific to Apple's 3D mobile phones or cameras, but for all of their products. For us, this customer product line is very extensive, and its mobile phone order change is not a big problem."