Recently, Globalfoundries announced the official establishment of its wholly-owned subsidiary, Avera Semiconductor LLC.

Avera Semiconductor's main business is ASIC, which will be led by Kevin O’Buckley, head of ASIC business at Globalfoundries. Kevin has been responsible for the ASIC business since the acquisition of IBM's microelectronics business in 2015.

Avera Semiconductor will provide customers with ASIC products based on advanced and proven process technology, a rich IP portfolio including high-speed SerDes, high-performance embedded TCAM, ARM core and embedded SRAM.

O'Buckley said: “Now is the best time to set up a new company and focus on providing custom ASIC solutions. As data traffic and bandwidth demands proliferate, next-generation cloud and communication systems must deliver higher performance and handle unprecedented levels of complexity."

According to reports, Globalfoundries has the industry's most widely used ASIC design services, highly differentiated IP, custom chips and advanced packaging technologies to provide a true end-to-end design solution that helps achieve "one-time success" in design and helps Products quickly enter the market.