Recently, some insiders said that Micron has begun to develop 16Gb DDR5 products, and plans to mass production by the end of 2019.

As a replacement for DDR4 memory, DDR5 memory is much better than DDR4. According to the documents released by Micron, DDR5 memory will start from 8GB, up to a single 32GB, I/O bandwidth can reach 3.2-6.4Gbps, while the voltage is 1.1V, the memory bandwidth will be twice that of DDR4 memory.

In fact, compared to DDR4, the improved DDR5 feature will increase the actual bandwidth by 36%, even at 3200 MT / s and 4800 MT / s , compared to DDR4-3200, the actual bandwidth will be 87% higher.

In addition, Micron also said that they will successfully test DDR5 memory samples in 2018, and will be officially mass-produced in 2019.