Recently, analog and mixed-signal semiconductor manufacturer Skyworks Solutions said that several of its solutions received the highest honor in the 2018 Mobile Breakthrough Awards. Mobile Breakthrough is an award from an independent panel of experts in the wireless industry that recognizes the world's best mobile and wireless companies, products and people. The cutting-edge technology developed by Skyworks was selected from more than 2,200 nominations.

Skyworks' GNSS Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) front-end module family is named "GPS-based annual solution", providing global manufacturers with compact turn-key connectivity options for Internet of Things (IoT) applications such as smart watches, sports Cameras, drones, asset trackers and personal navigation devices.

Skyworks said its small power amplifier (PA) series received the "Small Cell Technology Innovation of the Year" award, which can transmit high power while consuming less power. By minimizing heat, these devices can install multiple frequency bands in a single chassis, reducing operating costs. This key factor makes PA a catalyst for next-generation network small cell deployments.