Maxim Integrated announces the introduction of four uSLIC modules for the factory automation, medical, communications and consumer markets to help engineers achieve better designs. The MAXM17552, MAXM15064, MAXM17900, and MAXM17903 step-down DC-DC power modules are the newest additions to Maxim Himalaya power solutions, offering the widest input voltage range (4 to 60V) in the smallest solution size.

At present, miniaturization is still a trend in various system designs, many of which require a wide input voltage range. For example, due to the long transmission line, the power supply voltage in the factory automation equipment is susceptible to large fluctuations. USB-C and 12V nominal applications require up to 24V operating voltage protection to prevent transients caused by power and/or battery hot swap. The latest Himalaya uSLIC power modules extend the voltage range of the product range up to 60V, and the solution size (2.6mm x 3.0mm x 1.5mm) is reduced by more than half compared to competing products. The module uses a synchronous rectification, wide-voltage input Himalaya buck regulator, built-in FET, compensation and other functions, and integrated shielded inductors. The integrated inductors in the module simplify the most difficult aspects of power supply design, enabling designers who lack experience in power supply design to build stable, reliable power circuits in a single day.

Main Advantages

  • Provides the widest input voltage range in the smallest size: the industry's widest input voltage range (4 to 60V) and minimum package size (2.6mm x 3.0mm x 1.5mm), which is more than half the size of the nearest competing solution


  • Ease of use: One of the most difficult challenges for less experienced designers is to choose an inductor that meets the power, size, radiation, and temperature requirements of a particular design. The Himalaya uSLIC module provides integrated shielded inductors that meet data sheet standards and meet all electrical requirements, allowing designers to create a power circuit in just a few hours. Simply select the input and output capacitors and set the output voltage through a resistor divider network to get a complete working power supply.


  • High reliability and compliance with electromagnetic interference standards: CISPR 22 (EN 5022) Class B EMI requirements, avoiding power supply redesign; JEDEC certificationto withstand drops, shocks and vibrations

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