Recently, ON Semiconductor and Shenzhen Inovance Technology jointly announced the establishment of a joint laboratory in Suzhou, China, to actively explore the breakthroughs and applications of cutting-edge technologies in the field of intelligent manufacturing and new energy vehicles.

Innovance Purchasing Director Yang Zhenhao, Inovance United Power R&D Director Yang Ruicheng, ON Semiconductor Asia Pacific President David Chow, High Power Product Line Vice President Sergio Fissore, Yosun Group Customer Marketing Director Mitchell Ho and Product Line Deputy General Manager Mr. Louis Chang attended the inauguration ceremony of the laboratory and conducted technical exchanges.

The establishment of the joint laboratory of ON Semiconductor and Inovance will further deepen the cooperation between the two parties, combining Inovance's powerful control system solution with the superior performance of ON Semiconductor's ultimate power products to achieve strong alliance. In the future, especially in the field of new energy vehicles, technical cooperation will be carried out in the early stage of product design and planning to explore the optimal performance solutions and improvement solutions for products, reduce production costs, and thus improve the cost-effectiveness of the entire industry chain.

"On Semiconductor and Inovance share common goals and values. We look forward to the in-depth cooperation between the two parties in the future to define and develop more internationally competitive products and solutions for the electrification market in the world." ON Semiconductor Asia Pacific President David Chow said.