According to TSMC, its 8-inch wafer foundry production line began to experience a slight overcapacity.

Prior to this, many analysts have issued reports that after the decline in demand for 12-inch silicon wafers, the shortage of 8-inch silicon wafers has also eased. Recently, TSMC confirmed that the company's 8-inch wafer foundry production line is no longer fully loaded, which means that the shortage of 8-inch wafers is about to pass.

According to industry analysts, 8-inch silicon wafers are mainly used in power management wafers, LCD driver chips, microcontrollers, fingerprint identification chips, and MOSFETs. The reason for TSMC's overcapacity should be related to the weak sales of smartphones, consumer electronics into the off-season and the weakening of the high-resolution TV boom.

TSMC's 8-inch wafer foundry has always been the industry leader. As its production capacity status changes, other companies in the industry, such as the world's advanced (VIS) and UMC, will be even more affected.