According to Taiwan media reports, today, a magnitude 6.0 earthquake occurred in the waters of Hualien County, Taiwan. The earthquake was a strong earthquake that could cause serious damage. Although it occurs in the sea, it will also have an impact on the land.

IC Insights previously pointed out that since TSMC and UMC's headquarters and most manufacturing bases are located in Taiwan, if Taiwan suffers a severe earthquake or typhoon disaster, it may have a severe impact on the overall electronic component supply chain. In addition, DRAM manufacturers Nanya Technology, Inotera Memories and many other semiconductor companies have factories in Hualien.

According to IC Insights, wafer foundry customers are diversified and are a single source of manufacturing for many different types of electronic components, so if the foundry's capacity is damaged, the impact will be higher than the damage suffered by the independent IDM company.

As of now, no semiconductor company has publicly stated that it has been affected by the earthquake.