Xilinx’s new CEO Victor Peng held a media conference in Beijing in 16th March 2018. The topic of this conference is to share with the media about Xilinx’s new strategy and direction.

Last year, the XC7Z010-1LG400C has brought tens of millions of dollars income to Xilinx, only with Bitmain, the biggest bitcoin mining machine manufacturer had purchased 2 million pcs with a price of 15 USD each, but Victor didn’t take ASIC as a main direction but more focus on AI which is the market now in early phases of development. In the conference, Victor point out his idea of the 3 market trends.

1.Data Explosion. Today, more and more data from different places been generated by sensors, to make these data become valuable information, first of all need to process the data, secondly, most of the information and data are mixed, disorderly and unstructured, the processing capability needed is much higher, this is what the CPU could not support, therefore, a brand-new structure, supports more traffic, higher latency, better real-time computing performance is needed.

2.Dawn of AI. The Artificial Intelligence now is in early phases of development, it will grow rapidly in the coming decades, it will change many fields, and create many new businesses as well. AI itself is not an application, it is a technology which could be combined with many applications, including the applications which already exist and the new applications in future.

3.Computing of Post-Morre’s Law Period. Today, the Morre’s Law effect is not as obvious as in the past 30 years, it means that the next generation’s computing needs more and more isomerism systems. Due to the AI development in the near future, more applications will appear, the traditional structure will be unable to fix the optimization demands for varied different applications. Because of the data explosion, we will require a higher computing speed. Today, new products for new service, new commercial mode are grows rapidly, the previous chip solution is not enough, this is the situation that we never met before.


Base on the above trends, Victor says, Xilinx has to be more flexible to build the intelligence and connectable infrastructures in the worldwide. His future strategy are the following three parts.

1.Datacentre Priority. Victor says, Datacentre is quite a wide market, Xilinx not only accelerates the datacentre computing, but also support storage and networking. In the future, Xilinx will create a datacentre computing ecological system for giving support to both hardware and software developers.

2.To Accelerate the growth of the mainstream markets. The mainstream markets are including Automotive, wireless infrastructure, wired communication and consumer electronics…etc, all these markets are Xilinx’s potential markets.

3.A brand-new product type. The ACAP, which is acceleration of a broad range of workloads with dynamically adaptable silicon which is 10-100 times faster than CPU, with more use cases than GPUs and ASICs and delivering more than 10 times performance and performance per Watt.


The Conference is successful, Victor is intelligent man with a higher market vision, the point is that he confidently shows how he will change and lead Xilinx into a higher market position.