In March, Texas Instruments released several new products which are quite advanced in the power semiconductor product line.
1. I2C controlled 6A 3-level switch mode single-cell charger BQ25910: This product could reduce the application size by 60% for smart phone, tablet and EPOS…etc, and at the same time to increase the charging efficiency to 95%, that means you can charge your phone battery from empty to 70% within 30 minutes.
2. High-frequency multi-mode synchronous rectifier controller UCC24612 and adaptive zero Voltage Switching Active-clamp flyback controller UCC28780, by combining these 2 chips, the working frequency could reach 1Mhz, the high working efficiency could help engineer to reduce the application size by 50%.

As TI explains, the new products and solutions could help customer to design products which are smaller in size and faster in charging, at the same time, with these chips, the applications is possible to has more functions with lower power consumption.