ON Semiconductor has announced that it has expanded its Bluetooth 5 certified radio SoC, the RSL10 family. The RSL10 supports Bluetooth low-power wireless profiles for designers to design into any "connected" application, including sports or mobile medical wearables, smart locks and appliances.

The RSL10 SIP features an off-the-shelf 6 x 8 x 1.46 mm system-in-package (SiP) module with built-in antenna, RSL10 radio and all required passive components. The RSL10 SIP is certified by the Bluetooth SIG and does not require any additional radio frequency design considerations, significantly reducing development costs and time to market.

With Bluetooth 5, the RSL10 Series delivers 2Mbps speed and the industry's lowest power consumption, providing advanced wireless capabilities without compromising battery life. The RSL 10 consumes only 62.5nW in deep sleep mode and consumes only 7mW of peak reception power. The RSL10's high energy efficiency has recently been validated by EEMBC ULPMarkTM, making it the first device in the history of the benchmark to break through 1,000 ULP Marks. Core Profile scores are more than twice as high as competing products.

Michel De Mey, senior director and general manager of ON Semiconductor's Hearing, Consumer Health and Bluetooth Connectivity Solutions, said: "The RSL10 has best-in-class power consumption and has been selected for energy harvesting and industrial IoT applications. By adding a new system-in-a-package that greatly reduces design effort, cost and time-to-market, the RSL10 offers endless possibilities."