MLCC products are in shortage for several months, Murata, Samsung and Taiwan manufacturers are in extremely tight production status, order flows getting more unstable and flexible according to the manufacturer’s lead time and price. Under this situation, FH Advanced Tech announced to initiated a new factory construction recently, the new factory will contribute 1.4 billion 0201 MLCC per month for the production expansion, the construction period is from Oct. 2017 – JUN. 2018, that means we can only see the result in the second half year of 2018.

At the same stage of FH's expasion, Samsung announced to invest 130 million USD to expand the MLCC products in South Korea factory for Industrial and Automotive level, and in Philippine and China for consumer level products.

The question is that does the market demands will keep this trend in the first half year of 2018? As we know that the Japanese brands take around 60% of the MLCC market share at this stage, but what going to happen after the Korean, Taiwan and Chinese brands expand the production during this period? We will see.