Silicon Labs recently announced that it has partnered with Q-Free, the leading provider of intelligent transportation systems in Norway, on IoT solutions, which, according to Silicon Labs, help ease urban traffic pressures.

The solution is an outdoor parking IoT sensor solution that enables urban drivers in urban areas to find open parking spaces faster and easier. The two companies worked together to create Q-Free's ParQSense smart parking sensor, which uses Silicon Labs' Wonder Gecko wireless microcontroller (MCU) for control and Sub-GHz connectivity. The solution has been piloted this year in the European Union (UK, Netherlands, Sweden and Norway) and North America and will be released for commercial use on September 17.

“The Q-Free ParQSense smart parking sensor is a good example of how IoT ingenuity can improve our lives and the overall urban experience,” said Dennis Natale, vice president and general manager of IoT products at Silicon Labs. “With the acceleration of demand for smart city solutions, IoT innovators like Q-Free are choosing Silicon Labs' low-power wireless connectivity technology for their solutions.”