NXP recently announced the reorganization of its senior management team. According to NXP, the adjustment is mainly to enable the management team to better match the company's focus and growth strategy.

Kurt Sievers, Executive Vice President and General Manager of NXP Automotive, was immediately promoted to President of NXP Semiconductors. Under the new structure, Kurt Sievers will oversee all of NXP's lines of business.

Ruediger Stroh will step down as Executive Vice President and General Manager of NXP's Security and Connectivity business on September 30, 2018.

Jennifer Wuamett, Deputy General Counsel and Chief Intellectual Property Officer, will replace Guido Dierick as Executive Vice President and General Counsel of NXP Semiconductors. Guido Dierick served as General Counsel after retirement but remained as Country Manager for NXP Semiconductors in the Netherlands.

“This new structure follows the natural development of our strategy as we focus on secure connected devices through the automotive and industrial and IoT businesses, as well as in the mobile and communications infrastructure market, as technology changes accelerate, all of us focus vertical requires edge-to-node platforms and solutions to facilitate data analytics, machine learning and advanced services. By streamlining our organization, we will be able to better leverage our scale, facilitate cross-company collaboration and reduce management overhead, all These will help us unlock the full profit growth potential of our business," said NXP CEO Rick Clemmer.