Currently Yageo announced that the lead time of the MLCC product will be extended to 6 months and the unit price will be increased by 15-30% due to the high market demand.

In fact, this is the 3rd time in 2017 that Yageo increase the MLCC price, the first increasing was in 20th April and the percentage was 10%, the 2nd time was in 19th June about 15%-30% percent increased. Even though MURATA and SAMSUNG didn't issued any official notification about the shortage and price, the fact is that they are in exactly same situation as Yageo. According to the market investigation, the MLCC market are now losing the balance due to the high demand, besides, the TDK's new market strategy and the increasing mobile phone and IoT demands could be some of the reasons.

As estimated, the price increasing and product shortage may keep effects the market till the end of 2017.