NXP Semiconductors officially announced today the acquisition of OmniPHY, a provider of automotive Ethernet subsystem technology. It is reported that OmniPHY's expertise includes automotive Ethernet, which enables fast data transfer for automated driving. By combining OmniPHY's high-speed transmission technology with NXP's product portfolio in the automotive network, coupled with a wealth of experience, NXP will better provide automotive manufacturers with next-generation data transmission solutions.

Driven by higher data capacity and speed demands, automotive networks are undergoing a revolution designed to meet the demands of connected vehicles with increasing autonomous driving. The new advanced autopilot system will require data transfer speeds above gigabit. For the next generation of vehicles, more than 8 cameras, HD radar, LIDAR and V2X functions will be required, which will bring severe data challenges to the current automotive network.

According to reports, OmniPHY has begun to provide 1000BASE-T1 automotive Ethernet technology for the automotive sector. By acquiring OmniPHY, NXP will play a pivotal role in this rapidly growing field.

Ritesh Saraf, CEO of OmniPHY, said: “we are very pleased to join NXP. NXP is a leader in automotive electronics. We will work together to seize the opportunities in the autonomous driving revolution and help people change their way of life. Combined with the technology level, we will accelerate and advance the delivery of automotive Ethernet solutions to provide customers with world-class high-quality automotive Ethernet innovations."

Alexander E.Tan, vice president and general manager of NXP Automotive Ethernet Solutions, said: "Our experience in the automotive networking market and our leading position in CAN, LIN and FlexRay give us unique insights into the automotive network, OmniPHY team and technology fills the gap in our high-bandwidth networking portfolio."