Yesterday, Lattice Semiconductor announced the appointment of Jim Anderson as its president and chief executive officer and will be appointed as a member of the company's board of directors.

 It is understood that Mr. Anderson previously served as senior vice president of AMD and general manager of the computing and graphics business group. Since 2015, Mr. Anderson has been leading and driving the development of AMD's computing and graphics business unit, bringing disruptive new products to the market and generating revenue growth and significant profit expansion for AMD. Prior to joining AMD, he held a wide range of leadership positions at Intel, Broadcom Limited and LSI Corporation, including overall management, engineering, sales, marketing and strategy. Jim Anderson has over 20 years of extensive technical experience in many markets including consumer, data center and telecommunications.

 “We are pleased to announce the appointment of Jim Anderson as the new President and CEO of Lattice. Jim combines business and technical leadership with our understanding of the target market and customers. We are very happy to bring Jim's outstanding leadership to Lattice, so we can accelerate the development of all aspects of the company to seize the huge opportunities of the future.” said Jeff Richardson, chairman of Lattice Semiconductor's board of directors.