Lattice Semiconductor has announced the availability of the 2017 Best Supplier Award from Juniper Networks, which is designed to recognize Lattice's ability to solve problems during the partnership and effectively provide strong support.

According to reports, Lattice and Juniper Networks have been working together for 15 years. As a leading industry supplier of intelligent connectivity solutions supported by low power, small size, and production price FPGA products, Lattice provides support services to its customers to address a wide range of business and technical issues, including technical support, procurement and Delivery, pricing strategy.

"Lattice is proud to partner with Juniper Networks to support their full range of supplier customer service needs. Juniper Networks is recognized as the highest quality supplier, and we appreciate their focus on the value of our partnerships and the support we provided." said Dan Schaffer, Sales Director, Global Strategic Customer, Lattice Semiconductor.