Silicon Labs recently teamed up with Sekorm, its authorized distributor in mainland China, to hold a speech and seminar on the theme "Wireless technology to help the smart appliance industry rapidly upgrade."

Silicon Labs and Sekorm provide an in-depth explanation of the current hotspot of the smart home appliance industry, wireless control technology, bringing multi-protocol wireless solutions, including Blue Gecko portfolio, Mighty Gecko combination, and networking to help upgrade smart home appliances. It is worth mentioning that Silicon Labs, a leading provider of multi-protocol wireless solutions, has provided more than 250 million deployed node commercial mesh network solutions to help upgrade smart home applications.

The arrival of the Internet of Things era and the escalating wave of smart home appliances have made the huge potential of the smart home market constantly emerging. According to research reports, smart home appliances will account for nearly 50% of the market in the next four years. Wireless technology will help the future of intelligent life scenes, use wireless technology to connect home appliances and mobile phones, and operate smart home appliances such as smart TVs, intelligent monitoring devices, window cleaning robots, smart speakers, and sweeping robots.

At the same time, Silicon Labs and Sekorm also bring the latest application of motor control MCU and gesture/ambient light/digital temperature and humidity sensor for smart home appliances, including low-cost and highly integrated EFM88-bit MCU series products - EFM8BB, ultra low Power consumption EFM8SB, new generation capacitive button controller CPT series, digital I2C temperature sensor Si705x and so on.

After the seminar, an engineer said that from the speeches of SiliconLabs and Sekorm, he not only learned the leading wireless technology, but also brought some inspiration to the problems encountered in practical work. Especially when talking about Mesh application scenarios, the use of Bluetooth Mesh, ZigBee, Thread, Z-wave networking, only need one APP to control all smart home appliances, the operation is simple and fast, to solve every smart home now The problem of needing to have an app is very helpful.